Does anyone really enjoy polite sex?

He’s gentle and soft, his movements are calculated and slow. With the words “Are you ok?” the lust I have for him dissipates.

Giving my body over to him for the night, I welcomed him into my bed and yet his actions seem almost apologetic.

Yes he’s sweet and he’s loving, but give me passion. Pick me up hold me against the wall, as you push unapologetically inside of me, showing how desperately you have been aching for my body. Don’t ask me if I’m ok, because if you keep asking I won’t be. Grasp my body, take a handful of my hair and kiss me as if my lips are the reason you’re still breathing. Don’t fear that you’re holding on too tight, if you are I will tell you. Sometimes the sweetest pleasure can come from a little bit of pain.

I’ve been asking around, searching to find a woman who enjoys polite sex.

So far the only (semi) positive response I’ve received in favour of polite sex, came from my wonderfully frank friend who said “Unless it’s like round six and your pussys getting sore, other than that don’t be a little bitch.”
I’m sure there are some women out there who enjoy the sweet romantic sex. However it seems that my friends and I are just not those women.

 So men in future remember that when we talk of the notebook we are not thinking about old people dying together. We are thinking of Noah claiming it’s still not over and kissing Ally passionately in the rain. Never asking if ‘She’s ok’ he knew by the way she kissed him back she was his. We are not thinking of the 365 letters he wrote her, we are thinking of him picking her up and making love to her agaisnt the wall.

 In the wise words of the ‘Domestic Goddess’ more men need to be aware of walls when making love.


One thought on “Does anyone really enjoy polite sex?

  1. Finding the balance between passion and, you know, implicit consent, is key. When you are in a relationship for a while though, there is no reason to ask any kind of permission. Those hot, unsolicited bangs are what keeps the fire burning.

    I wrote a post a while back called ‘alpha move: shag your woman good’ and I get about 50-100 hits per day from google along the lines of ‘how to fuck your wife.’

    lolz I’m picturing a bunch of married guys who still haven’t figured it out and turning to google Sad.

    I think the key is that a lot of girls will be as dirty as you let them be. If you act like choking is a big deal, that hesitation is sensed.

    I def think a lot of guys get scared of doing that durty shit with a girl they reaaaally like. You know, like one they are promoting to wifey status.

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