What am I leaping into this month?

This month I will embark on a journey of self discovery through the incredible Lindsay Mack’s (IG @wildsoulhealing) tarot challenge.

Each day I will share the question asked, the card pulled, and the lesson taken from the card.

Today is day 1, and the question of the day is – What am I leaping into this month?

Card pulled – Six of Cups.

This month I am leaping head first into my childhood.

For so long I have kept part of my self hidden, kept away under lock and key. I gave PTSD the rule of my mind, allowing it to lock away any memories deemed ‘unsafe’. Drunk on power PTSD locked away the good memories along with the ‘bad’, ensuring nostalgia could never form where no memories remained.

I have searched for years to find the key to my mind.

I have climbed mountains, broke down walls, crawled through the muddy shadows of my soul.

I found the key buried inside the deepest trauma of my life. The one place PTSD believed that I would never enter, it did not bank on my ability to find strength from my pain.

I may never regain my memories, but this month I will leap headfirst into my childhood, and I will regain the ownership of my mind.


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