A message from my inner parent?

July 17th | A message from my inner parent?

Card pulled | Nine of cups | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

As I saw this question next to this date on the Wild Soul Healing Tarot challenge list, I cringed.

It’s will be ten years tomorrow since I lost my father, and there is no exaggeration when I say he was my world.

With friends falling pregnant and their partners wishing for boys, I tell them ‘Girls are always their fathers. When you have a girl she will worship the ground you walk on, and always look up to you. She will wrap you around her finger, but she will always be daddy’s little girl.’

With losing a parent there are times when I am brilliant at tapping into my inner parent, as it feels the only way I can speak to him. But there are also times, like today when it aches to tap into that inner parent. Today the distance between worlds seems monumental, and I ache for a bridge in the gap.

The Nine of Cups speaks to me of success, it speaks to me of wishes granted and dreams realised. The Nine of Cups is a proud parent, telling stories to their daughter, ensuring in her that she can have the whole world.

And my inner parent reminds me that I can, ‘You can have anything you put your mind to, so just put your mind to it, my darling.’


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