Tarot Tuesday

How often do we trust in the divine power of change? How often do we allow ourselves to take risks, close doors, and trust in our intuition?

Struggling to back ourselves, we get caught up in cycles of people pleasing. Constantly saying yes to others, because we fear saying yes to ourselves.

Change is coming. We can choose to fight it or let it flow, it is up to us to decide how smoothly winter will transition into spring.

I kept myself in winter for years, picking new blooms off trees, refusing to see the light through the clouds, I feared each centimetre of growth. When change came rashly I cried out from lack of warning, refusing the see the calls for growth it had been making for months.

I now leap into the winds of change, not lightly, and not without fear. I have learnt to leap into my intuition, for I remember clearly that the universe has a strong push.

Smith-Waite Tarot Deck | Centennial Edition | The Star | Death


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