Frequently referred to as a moonchild and mermaid, you will often find Courtney by the sea or in nature where she feels most grounded and relaxed.

With a deep passion and calling for soul centred tarot and astrology, Courtney uses a combination of metaphysical practices for personal development and growth.

Navigating through her own healing journey with bipolar and PTSD, the call to help others began with the need to help herself.

After undertaking a Reiki training and tarot immersion course with Sarvaga Light, and a Astrology Mentorship with Jeff Hinshaw of Cosmic Cousins, Courtney’s personal healing journey progressed into a deep calling to create Seeking Wilder.

At Seeking Wilder, Courtney guides others in their own healing journeys, assists them to reconnect with their ‘true’ selves and find their soul path, through a range of metaphysical services, workshops, women’s circles, and one on one tailored healing sessions.


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